Towns should finalize emergency center with dispatch (MA)

We’ve previously reiterated our support for regional dispatch centers, which offer smaller communities the ability to pool their emergency-response resources, with an added enticement of state aid.

In that vein, we’re pleased to see the Nashoba Valley towns of Pepperell, Ashby and Townsend are exploring the possibility of establishing a joint Regional Emergency Communications Center.
The proposal was detailed in a presentation to the Pepperell Board of Selectmen in late February…

Pitkin County dispatchers overworked, under-appreciated (CO)

In the April 16 article “Pitkin County’s 911 center named best in state,” I really feel like the lead was buried. Yes, Sheriff Joe DiSalvo mentioned that the dispatchers were recognized as the best in the state, but to me, not nearly enough credit was given where it is due.

Pitkin County dispatch, as do most, if not all dispatch centers, chews up its staff and spits them out constantly. Based on the ads in the local papers, their office is in a perpetual rush to train up new hires as the turnover is …

Open Forum: Thank an emergency dispatcher (VA)

This is National 911 Telecommunicators Week

911 is the gateway to access for emergency services. At all hours of the day or night, a citizen or visitor to Winchester or Frederick County calls 911 to get help from fire-rescue, sheriff’s office, city police or animal control services.

A response to an emergency or non-emergency incident does not begin until one of the cool-headed and highly professional 911 call takers obtains all of the essential information from the caller to determine the response resources that are needed to handle the incident being reported. This is often a difficult task…

Accomplishing Distinction: Emergency Medical Dispatch (Qatar)

Accomplishing Distinction: Emergency Medical Dispatch (Qatar)

Is an Emergency Medical Dispatcher a professional?

The short answer is, YES! The more complicated answer is … yes, but it is an unrecognized profession.

Until now.

The state of Qatar, a small but influential nation in the Middle East that will soon host the World Cup in 2022, has brought distinction and respect to the field of emergency dispatch by reclassifying and professionalizing Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs). The Hamad Medical
Corporation Ambulance Service (HMCAS), the national ambulance service in Qatar…

Include 911 Public Safety Telecommunicators in the ‘Heroes Fund’

Emergency 911 Dispatchers (Public Safety Telecommunicators) are considered essential employees but NOT First Responders. We like many others cannot quarantine, cannot always shelter at home. We must return to our jobs day after day and answer the call, putting ourselves and our families at risk in order to help others.

According to NENA (The National Emergency Number Association), as of July 2018 the United States had a reported 5,748 primary and secondary PSAP’s and 3,135 counties, which…

Public safety dispatchers on the job to protect us (WA)

After weeks of everyone getting accustomed to “Stay Home-Stay Safe” I just want to take a minute to recognize and acknowledge our professional team of dispatchers at Walla Walla Emergency Services Communications (or as we call it, WESCOM) — our local 9-1-1 center.

I know many in our community and elsewhere have been stressed out because they are more or less confined to being at home, but the folks staffing 9-1-1 centers don’t have that luxury or opportunity to spend any extra time with their families…