Open Source: Why has the Knox County 911 line gone down recently? (OH)

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is in response to a reader-submitted question through Open Source, a platform where readers can submit questions to the staff.

MOUNT VERNON — The 911 phone line in Knox County has gone down twice in the last few weeks.

The reason why? On Nov. 5 and Oct. 16, CenturyLink — the provider the county uses for its emergency lines — had area outages.

Mark Molzen, global issues director for Lumen Technologies (the rebrand of CenturyLink), wrote in an email to Knox Pages that services were restored within hours on Oct. 16 and within 24 hours on Nov. 5… 

An Open Letter to City Council and the City Manager on Police Encryption. (CA)

We, the undersigned, are writing to express our concern about the recent decision by the Berkeley City Council, the City Manager, and the Berkeley Police Department to use encrypted public safety radio devices in Berkeley.

It is our understanding that the City of Berkeley selected the company, Motorola Solution, to provide encrypted public safety radio devices for two reasons: 1) there is no alternative radio device to share communications with neighboring police units, and 2) the company would provide a discount to this city. We now understand that these reasons are false…

Prop. 2 would modernize 911 with $41 million (WA)

Prop. 2 would modernize 911 with $41 million (WA)

By Mike De Felice

Special to Bainbridge Island Review

It’s 2 a.m. and a police officer has pulled over a driver on an isolated rural road on suspicion of driving under the influence. The officer calls for back-up before approaching the vehicle, but emergency dispatch is unable to hear the call.

A fire crew is called to a house fire in a remote part of Kitsap County. Upon arrival, firefighters hear a person yelling from inside the burning building. The crew calls for another unit to respond, but the request is never heard…

Keep Your 911 Commitment

In your day-to-day work life, have you ever stopped to wonder why you continue to come in to work every day? Why the PSAP life? More specifically, why you are an emergency services telecommunicator?

Bills, boredom, family to support, or just getting out of the house? Could it also be service to others, comradery, working as a team or family, benefits, or the love of what you do? One of the primary reasons may be due to the commitment you have to your PSAP. Your PSAP is more than just the job: it is the people surrounding you, the policies that you adhere to, and hopefully the difference you make on a daily basis…

Letter: From deep stress to soaring morale, dispatchers thank supporters (MA)

Letter: From deep stress to soaring morale, dispatchers thank supporters (MA)

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On September 20, 2021, the Ipswich Select Board voted unanimously to reject joining the North Shore Regional 911 center which would have closed our local 911 Communications Center.

We understand it is the job of the Town Manager and the select board to look at every avenue in the best interest of the town, and to do their due diligence to come to the best decision therein.

We thank the select board for giving everybody a voice and are extremely thankful that after weeks of fact finding, they decided to keep our local communications center open and operational.

BCLA privileged to honors emergency responders | Opinion (KS)

BCLA privileged to honors emergency responders | Opinion (KS)

To the Editor,

Did you know Brown County has 279 emergency responder positions filled? Did you know that in addition to community fire departments, police departments, dispatch, the sheriff’s department and our county wide ambulance service, we also have a mounted search and rescue team (which uses horses & riders to search off the beaten path during an emergency) and Squad 48 (which extract people from vehicle accidents & other emergencies requiring special equipment)?

The men and women doing these jobs are not doing it for fame and fortune. They are doing it because they feel called to serve and protect their community…to make it a better and safer place for themselves, their families and ALL of us…