Editorial: County dispatch center offers Ripon better, faster service at less cost (WI)

Recent objections to a proposal to move Ripon’s dispatch center from Ripon City Hall to Fond du Lac County have come in the form of first-person testimonials which, while gratifying in their endorsement of Ripon’s stellar emergency personnel, unwittingly make the case for transferring the service to the county.

“I had (or I witnessed) an emergency,” the argument goes. “Ripon police showed up almost immediately and, because EMTs followed not far behind, a life may have been saved”… READ MORE

Our View: Thank you, Sheriff Jeff Danker, for all of your hard work and dedication (IA)

For more than 40 years, Jeff Danker has worked to protect people. For the last 28 years, he has done much as the sheriff of Pottawattamie County.

During that time, he and his staff have worked diligently to make sure the county stayed current with the technological times. This includes applying for grants for new equipment and making sure his staff had the necessary, up-to-date training it needed to provide the best services to the community. In 2007, he and his department assumed command of the 9-1-1 Communications Center and oversaw the implementation of the countywide 800-megahertz public safety communications project…

Dispatch center decision should be made on data and practicality (WI)

I have been watching the discussions on the 911 system at the City Council level. As someone who worked on the team that installed the initial system and was the team leader for the development and installation of the radio communications system project in FdL County I thought I would suggest some of the questions you should be asking, that have not been asked, regarding the 911 system… READ MORE

Do The Job Right

Do The Job Right

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James Queen

At some point in your career, you lose track. After answering thousands of calls, listening to countless hours of radio traffic, and providing EMD instructions, you are bound to have a moment of complacency. It may be something as simple as not getting vehicle colors in an accident call. It may be something that does not affect the call’s outcome.

Other times, it can be detrimental to the safety of your officers, firefighters, or other first responders. You did not ask about weapons or any number of other things as we run through our checklist of questions. You just happened to miss one on this call. Now you are scrambling, trying to get the caller back on the line to get more information for your officers…