Letter: From deep stress to soaring morale, dispatchers thank supporters (MA)

Letter: From deep stress to soaring morale, dispatchers thank supporters (MA)

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On September 20, 2021, the Ipswich Select Board voted unanimously to reject joining the North Shore Regional 911 center which would have closed our local 911 Communications Center.

We understand it is the job of the Town Manager and the select board to look at every avenue in the best interest of the town, and to do their due diligence to come to the best decision therein.

We thank the select board for giving everybody a voice and are extremely thankful that after weeks of fact finding, they decided to keep our local communications center open and operational.

BCLA privileged to honors emergency responders | Opinion (KS)

BCLA privileged to honors emergency responders | Opinion (KS)

To the Editor,

Did you know Brown County has 279 emergency responder positions filled? Did you know that in addition to community fire departments, police departments, dispatch, the sheriff’s department and our county wide ambulance service, we also have a mounted search and rescue team (which uses horses & riders to search off the beaten path during an emergency) and Squad 48 (which extract people from vehicle accidents & other emergencies requiring special equipment)?

The men and women doing these jobs are not doing it for fame and fortune. They are doing it because they feel called to serve and protect their community…to make it a better and safer place for themselves, their families and ALL of us…

9/11 NYPD Dispatcher to Newsmax: Need Unity, Compassion Again (NY)

Candace Baker, a New York Police dispatcher on Sept. 11, 2001 who spent the whole day taking missing persons calls, tells Newsmax that Americans need to return to the sense of unity and compassion that united them in the days following the terrorist attacks that left nearly 3,000 fellow Americans dead.

“I think that immediately after 9/11, you saw a lot more kindness,” Baker said Monday on “The Chris Salcedo Show.” “You saw a lot more camaraderie. You saw a lot more respect for law enforcement.”

But as time has passed, a lot of that has diminished, she lamented… READ MORE

Opinion: Dialing 911 for a mental health emergency will soon dispatch clinicians, not police (CA)

Opinion: Dialing 911 for a mental health emergency will soon dispatch clinicians, not police (CA)

Gloria is the mayor of San Diego and lives in Mission Hills. Fletcher is chair of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors and lives in City Heights.

Not all emergencies are alike.

Police officers respond to crimes. Firefighters respond to fires. Paramedics respond to physical medical emergencies. But if you or a loved one were having a mental health emergency, dialing 911 would dispatch law enforcement, not trained mental health clinicians.

This is going to change in the city of San Diego and across San Diego County.

Starting this month, county-funded Mobile Crisis Response Teams composed of a mental health clinician, a case manager and a trained peer support specialist will be activated. Members of these teams are trained crisis interventionists. They arrive on-site, evaluate the condition of those in crisis, and link them to the best place to get the trauma-informed behavioral health and supportive services they need…

Letter: Ludicrous to outsource public safety dispatch (MA)

I have learned that The Ipswich Public Safety Dispatch Center is being threatened and in danger of being shut down thus closing our police station.

The Ipswich Dispatch Center is staffed by highly qualified, trained and dedicated men and women. The idea of outsourcing the dispatching of essential emergency calls for services such as police, fire and emergency medical call is a ludicrous idea at best.

The Town of Ipswich steered away from this notion years ago, as did many other communities when the Essex County Regional Dispatch Center was created…

Beyond the Comfort Zone

Beyond the Comfort Zone

Samantha Hawkins

Every 911 operator has that call that will
demand more of them than usual … this was mine.

I was the second 911 operator she had spoken with that
morning. Only six minutes into our phone conversation on that 911 line, I had
determined that she very likely had paranoid schizophrenia with a totally
unhealthy splash of “watched one too many fictional espionage dramas.” She was
a chaotic ball of nervous energy going on incessantly about the electronic bugs
in her apartment (and in her brain), the neighbors to the immediate left of her
building that were harassing her by staring into her windows at night, and all
the reasons why she didn’t trust law enforcement to begin with. I tried to
sound gentle and reassuring even as I recognized what I was dealing with…