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Proposal could implement safer texting to dispatch (OH)

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio — Lawmakers at the Ohio Statehouse are continuing to listen to public testimony on the Safe and Reliable Texting Act, which would require specific technology that would ensure the texts Ohioans to send to dispatch are secure and encrypted.

2023 Key Enacted 911 Legislation

The legislation listed below includes key enactments related to the 911 system in 2023, such as administration, fees and funding, 911 telecommunicator reclassification and Next Generation 911 (NG911).   READ FULL ARTICLE

Small PSAPs Need NG911 as Much as Large PSAPs

By James Careless With its ability to work with voice, photos, videos and text messages, there is no doubt that Next Generation 911 (NG911) is a massive improvement over the existing 911 system that can only handle voice calls and only provide locations for landline...

Kansas uses cutting-edge technology to enhance 911 services

The State of Kansas uses cutting-edge technology to enhance the state’s 911 services for telecommunicators, responders in the field, and the public. Michele Abbott, Scott Ekberg, and Sherry Massey of the Kansas 911 Coordinating Council — the  organization overseeing...

Public Safety Women from Around Oklahoma to Gather

Women police, firefighters, deputies, troopers, marshals, investigators, dispatchers, prosecutors, corrections officers, probation/parole officers, emergency medical personnel, and military and tribal public safety personnel are all encouraged to attend. READ FULL...

PSSA Webinar

Protecting 4.9 GHz for Public Safety

Learn about current efforts to continue to protect the 4.9 GHz Band for public safety as well as recent filings, key decisions impacting these efforts, and how you can support PSSA’s initiative to protect the 4.9 GHz band for public safety.


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