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Another levy request proposed to help 911 Center (MT)

When Flathead County voters go to the polls in November, they likely will once again be asked to consider a mill levy to help fund the Flathead Emergency Communications Center, six years after the last such effort came up short. The county commissioners will vote at...

City endorses 911 upgrades (ID)

PAYETTE - At its regular meeting on July 6, the Payette City Council addressed a letter penned by Mayor Jeff Williams to the Idaho Public Safety Communications Commission, to endorse a grant application to fund upgrades of Payette County’s 911 system. The letter reads...

Corvallis city services bills reduced (OR)

Corvallis residents, businesses and nonprofits are seeing lower city services bills this month. The public safety fee included $1.2 million that represented the city’s share of the cost of the countywide 911 emergency dispatch service. But when voters approved a new...

EDITORIAL: Dispatch center ills unresolved (CT)

Although the questions around staffing and overtime at Meriden’s emergency dispatch center are far from settled, City Manager Tim Coon says there’s one thing on which both the city and the union are in agreement: that staffing shortages need to be resolved. Beyond...

New service helps 911 dispatchers (Canada)

The Manitoba provincial 911 dispatch centre in Brandon has a new tool to help track down people lost or injured in rural areas. People can be located relatively quickly in urban areas with a street address, but the process is much harder for emergency dispatchers when...


Thursday June 25, 2020

FirstNet, built with AT&T Lean-In Webinars: Hurricanes Won’t Be Diverted by COVID-19

9:00 a.m. PDT/10:00 MDT/11:00 CDT/12:00 EDT

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All Things ECC LIVE – Las Vegas Fire & Rescue

A conversation With Matt Grogan, Communications Specialist, about everything from Route 91 to COVID to Social Unrest and their affect on the Communications Center

Intelligent Scheduling for Safe Cities

A conversation with Greg Kandel and Jason Klink from Informer Systems about automated scheduling for public safety

Considerations when building a Public Safety Communications Center

Willis Carter offers insight on lessens learned and suggestion reference Building one in the current COVID-19 environment

ECC Operations During COVID-19

A conversation with Nonie McCandless about operations in a rural communications center during this pandemic

What All Things ECC has to Offer

Information about a website dedicated to the true first, first responders

ATECC LIVE – Considerations when building a Public Safety Communications Center

Having recently been in charge of building a new public safety communications center, Willis Carter offers insight on lessens learned and suggestions for building one in the current COVID-19 environment

10 Minute Tune: Johnny Gates – Man Flirts with 911 Dispatcher (For Radio Show)

Johnny Gates penned a fun tune about a man flirting with a 911 Dispatcher. This is not a real call.

Elmore County Idaho joins new first responder communication network

At just over 3,000 square miles, Elmore County is one of the largest in Idaho, but also one of the most remote, meaning radio and wireless communication can sometimes be a struggle.

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911 Emergency Telecommunications District (OR)

Our county has been dropping the ball on a competent and efficient 911 calls center for decades. First 911 was in Coos Bay, North Bend tried too, then during state reorganization it mainly ended in Coquille at the County Sheriff's office. But a small part of it is...

Dracut, Tewksbury await dispatch center’s opening (MA)

We’ve previously reiterated our support for regional dispatch centers, which offer smaller communities the ability to pool their emergency-response resources, with an added enticement of state aid. That’s why we were pleased to see that Tewksbury and Dracut went ahead...

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UNDER THE HEADSET: A Day in the Life

This is the first installment in a series of fictional dramatizations about the trials and tribulations of a public safety telecommunicator. The story is fictional, but the circumstances are real for many employed in public safety communications.

First responders work cohesively, save a life in Dublin (NC)

On the call to 911, a...

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