Public Safety Advocate: HPUE—What It Does, How It Works, What Is Available

Public Safety Advocate: HPUE—What It Does, How It Works, What Is Available

How much and where will High-Power User Equipment (HPUE) devices provide additional coverage?

This week’s Advocate about HPUE is divided into sections. The first discusses the impact of using high-power user devices for Band 14 FirstNet in terms of coverage and data speeds, the middle section presents a little history and then explains some of the technology that goes into FirstNet and other LTE-based networks in non-technical terms, and the last section gives use cases for HPUE followed by a more in-depth discussion of some interesting products entering the market that are designed to enable FirstNet to support higher-power end-user devices…

3 Ways to Improve E911 with the Cloud

Cloud-based communications can provide a flexible way for enterprises to ensure their workers are safe in the event of an emergency no matter where they are.

The number of people working remotely has increased substantially in recent years. Facilitating smooth collaboration across distributed workforces continues to be a priority for organizations, as modern corporate cultures favor flexibility and autonomy over their schedules… READ MORE

What we can learn from Israel’s 9-1-1 call centers (FL)

Palm Beach County has 16 call centers for people dialing 911, a statistic that’s increasingly at the forefront of my mind as we grapple with the coronavirus pandemic. I live here with my wife, and like the rest of the world, we are sheltering in place and hoping to safeguard our health and that of our community.

However, if the number of people falling ill from coronavirus in Palm Beach County continues to grow, our local 911 call centers could potentially be overwhelmed, delaying the time in which an ambulance can be … READ MORE

As pandemic threatens budgets, 911 services begin scaling back

Despite declining numbers of 911 calls, emergency call centers are struggling to maintain staffing levels, locate enough personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies and fund technological maintenance and upgrades as the coronavirus pandemic wears on, according to survey results published this week by the National Emergency Number Association. 

The survey, which follows an initial report the group published last month, show that earlier predicted issues of delayed maintenance and upgrades … READ MORE

An Old Foe Returns with a New Name

An Old Foe Returns with a New Name

By Richard Mirgon, Public Safety Consultant

Several years ago, there was a company called LightSquared that some of you may recall and prior to that name they were known as Sky Terra. This company operated satellites that would be used for land-based LTE Communications. It turns out this spectrum and these satellites interfered with GPS. After some reports of interference and significant testing they found that their signal interfered with and had negative impacts on the Department of Defense, aviation, and public safety, to name a few. Part of the problem is that P25 systems use GPS to sync the networks and…

City of Alexandria, VA Utilizes FirstNet for 911 Remote Call Taking During Pandemic

City of Alexandria, VA Utilizes FirstNet for 911 Remote Call Taking During Pandemic

By Lori Stone, Senior Public Safety Advisor, First Responder Network Authority

The Nation’s 9-1-1 professionals are on the on the front lines of emergencies every day and play a vital role in keeping our communities safe and secure. As they take calls and gather essential information to determine a situation’s severity, public safety telecommunicators are using the FirstNet network to support innovative approaches to 9-1-1 and dispatch.

The nationwide network is built in public private partnership between the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority) and AT&T.  It provides a dedicated, secure and reliable connection for public safety for everyday operations or emergency communications. READ MORE