The role of the public safety telecommunicator in COVID-19 response

When public health emergencies threaten our communities and pose special challenges, like the current COVID-19 pandemic, the first responder family, including law enforcement, fire, EMS and 9-1-1 telecommunicators, must prepare their response.

In addition to their normal daily duties, agencies must prepare, educate and train their first responders on evaluating medically related signs and symptoms of COVID-19, how to protect themselves and others from catching or spreading the coronavirus, and what to do if someone is sick with COVID-19…

Balancing patient privacy and public safety (OR)

EOC plans to request people who test positive for COVID-19 sign waivers to allow release of information to dispatch and law enforcement

The Grant County Health Department plans to ask those who test positive for the new coronavirus to voluntarily share that information with the Emergency Operations Center and the local dispatch so both agencies can track the person and — if law enforcement or first responders are called out to the individual’s residence — warn them to take precautions to keep from contracting the virus…

Detroit Police Department 911 dispatcher dead of coronavirus (MI)

Detroit, Michigan, USA – 2016: A Detroit Police car parked in front of the Renaissance Center, world headquarters for GM in downtown Detroit.

A man who worked for the Detroit Police Department’s Emergency 911 system has died from the coronavirus, officials said Tuesday.

The 911 dispatcher, 38, died on Monday, and had no significant medical issues that doctors were aware of, said Dr. Robert Dunne of Wayne State University, according to Fox 2 Detroit

Medics getting a heads up from dispatchers (MI)

Even before first responders arrive on the scene, a 911 dispatcher will determine if a possible exposure risk to coronavirus exists.

Dispatchers at Monroe County Central Dispatch are asking more questions to determine if patients in need of medical help might have acquired the new coronavirus sweeping the nation.

Even before first responders arrive on the scene, the dispatcher will determine if a possible exposure risk exists. Responding crews are then informed so they can be better prepared, said Marc Breckenridge, public information…

Huron County’s Dispatchers work from behind the lines to save lives (MI)

HURON COUNTY — When someone calls for Huron County emergency services, they speak with a dispatcher located in their Bad Axe office to either talk them through a situation or call the police or fire department.

Those people on the other end of the line go through a lot on their job, burdened with the responsibility of keeping other people safe, yet do not get a lot of recognition for it.

Among them are Mary Krohn, the deputy director of emergency services for Huron County, who helps supervise day-to-day operations for the dispatch center. She has also spent the past 30 years as part of the dispatchers…