911 Dispatch back in compliance with EMD certifications (TN)

ROGERSVILLE — As of Wednesday afternoon, all staff members at the Hawkins Co. Emergency Communications District’s E-911 dispatch center have been re-certified to handle Emergency Medical Dispatch calls, and the center was again dispatching those calls.

The two days of intense, on-site training — including training a staff member to keep track of and oversee future training needs — were conducted by Dorothy Cave, RPL, NREMT, the EMD Program Manager for the Daytona Beach, Florida-based APCO, the firm that handles the center’s certified training needs, along with a full audit of all of the center’s training records, at a cost to the ECD….

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Gordon 5th grader makes heroic 9-1-1 call during fire (AL)

GORDON, Ala. (WTVY) – A Gordon family is mourning the loss of its long-time family home after a fire left it shambles late Tuesday night.

Fortunately, they aren’t mourning the loss of any loved ones, thanks in part to an Ashford Elementary schooler.

“I saw a fire from all the way over there,” said Ashford Elementary Fifth Grader Brandon Hayes. “It was just high up, see how it is now? It wasn’t this bad, but still standing up.”

Hayes said he could still see the fire every time he closes his eyes.

The flames were……

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City’s 911 dispatchers recount chaotic night they saved one of their own

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – You hear a lot about Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department’s firefighters and paramedics. They are some of the first you see on a scene to protect the community when things go wrong. But seldom do you hear about the first, first responders — the 911 dispatchers.

On an average day, JFRD receives 420 calls made to 911. From talking callers through delivering babies to giving life-saving CPR instructions, the dispatchers ….

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Chatham receives $2.3M grant to upgrade public safety radio system (NC)

PITTSBORO — On Oct. 21, the Chatham County Board of Commissioners voted 5-0 to approve an agreement between the county and the North Carolina 911 Board for a $2.3 million grant to contribute to the upgrades of the county’s public safety radio system.

The funds will allow the public safety radio system to receive a complete overhaul from a VHF/UHF system to an 800 MHz VIPER (Voice Inoperability Plan for Emergency Responders) system. The money will go toward….

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