911 Board OKs Higher Pay For Dispatchers (TN)

Hiring more dispatchers and offering competitive pay rates to retain them was the prime discussion topic Tuesday at the Greene County 911 Board of Directors meeting.

The board unanimously approved raising the pay rate for new hires to $13.50 an hour. Pay will be increased to $15 per hour after a six-month probationary period leading to certification. The board also approved hiring two additional full-time dispatchers…

City plans to upgrade 9-1-1 command center (FL)

The ongoing pandemic has led to some further funding for the City of Plant City as agencies continue to adjust their operations. 

While the City of Plant City has already discussed changes it hopes to see quickly brought to life throughout a variety of its facilities, last week’s city commission meeting showed another alteration is now on the horizon… READ MORE

Allegheny County 911 dispatcher donates kidney to co-worker (PA)


Sandra Perry and Melissa Dailey have worked together as Allegheny County 911 dispatchers and call takers, for 16 years. They said they have admired and respected one another, but rarely socialized. Friday they will share a bond most never will.

“How can you thank somebody for giving a part of themselves?” asked Sandra Perry.

Perry suffers from kidney disease. She gets dialysis seven days a week. The only cure is a kidney transplant. Her co-worker had no idea…

FCC working on new three digit phone number to prevent suicide

In an effort to prevent suicide deaths and help those struggling with mental health, the FCC said they are working to create a new nationwide, three digit phone number similar to 9-1-1 but instead it will be 9-8-8. It would be a way for those struggling to get direct help from professionals.

Federal authorities say suicide claimed the lives of more than 48,000 Americans in 2018… READ MORE

Dispatcher error led police to release man who went on to commit ‘merciless and savage’ sex assault (Canada)

VANCOUVER — On an early spring day in 2015, just after noon, Caleb Heaton brutally attacked an East Vancouver woman inside her own home.

An agreed-upon record of the criminal case between Crown and defence reveals how the 25-year-old bound, gagged, and raped his victim, his behaviour so vicious, the judge referred to Heaton’s crime as “merciless and savage.”

Heaton was only stopped, court records show, because a witness on the street heard the victim’s screams and intervened… READ MORE

FirstNet One LTE blimp used for first time in aftermath of Hurricane Laura

FirstNet One, recently completed its first real deployment providing public-safety communications, as the tethered the aerostat that acts as an LTE tower in the sky supported the response effort in Louisiana during the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, according to AT&T officials.

“This was our first field deployment in a real incident,” Tom Steele, AT&T’s director of strategy and operation for the FirstNet program, said during an interview with IWCE’s Urgent Communications