UPDATED: EOC on its way (OK)

Norman will have a new Emergency Operations Center after a close vote by the City Council approved the use of American Rescue Plan Act funds for the project.

After a 5-3 vote, the proposed facility will see $9.5 million of ARPA funds to cover a shortfall in the $15 million project that has been “kicked down the road,” some said Tuesday night. Ward 7 Stephen Holman was absent.

Ward 1 Brandi Studley, Ward 2 Lauren Schueler and Ward 4 Lee Hall voted no. All three said they supported the project, but raised concerns about timing and the use of ARPA funds for it…

Israel National Fire and Rescue Authority launches new dispatch system, designed by MDA

Israel’s National Fire and Rescue Authority has launched its new cutting-edge dispatch system—one that will provide the fire service with enhanced capabilities and put it on the same computer platform as Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel’s emergency medical service.

The system, designed for the Fire Authority by MDA, provides an array of new capabilities. It enables dispatchers to locate cell-phone callers instantly; shows the locations of all fire-rescue, EMS and law-enforcement vehicles in real time on the dispatchers’ screens; and simultaneously alerts emergency medical services about relevant incidents so they can instantly send EMTs and paramedics to the scene.

Conversely, the National Fire and Rescue Authority will now also get instant alerts about medical emergencies relevant to their work, including car accidents, fires, terror attacks and other disasters…

Due to technical issue, fire chief was not dispatched to blaze where 3 died, officials say (NJ)

The on-duty fire chief that was supposed to have been dispatched to a house fire on Woodlawn Avenue in Hamilton earlier this month, where three people died, was not alerted by the Mercer County dispatch center, officials confirmed Wednesday.

Officials described the issue as a technical snafu by the county’s dispatch center, not an intentional act. It has already been remedied and did not cause any disruption or delay of firefighting at the scene, the Hamilton Fire Department and the town’s mayor said.

The Hamilton Fire Department is a new entity that started service on Jan. 1, 2021 after a five-year effort to consolidate the town’s eight autonomous fire districts, which each had their own portion of the 87,000-resident township…

HELP WANTED: ACSO struggles to staff open positions (TX)

HELP WANTED: ACSO struggles to staff open positions (TX)

Like many local businesses, the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is struggling to find people to fill vacant positions.

Sheriff Rudy Flores said one of his greatest challenges continues to be finding qualified applicants for available positions.

“We currently have openings in patrol, investigations, jail and dispatch,” Flores said. “Our most pressing need is the jail. I have reassigned personnel from other divisions in order to meet minimum state staffing requirements. These divisions were working shorthanded as well, and this reassignment simply exacerbates the problem…

Lawrence County Council approves hiring of dispatchers for sheriff’s department (IN)

Lawrence County Council approves hiring of dispatchers for sheriff’s department (IN)

LAWRENCE CO. – The Lawrence County council approved the hiring of two dispatchers at a higher rate of pay due to their level of experience. One dispatcher worked previously as a Hamilton County dispatcher and has more than 10 years of experience, and the second dispatcher previously worked at IU Health Hospital as an emergency medical dispatcher for the last seven years.

Lawrence County human resource policy states new hires will start at a first-year employee salary, but this type of job experience is important and the council approved the hiring of one of the dispatchers at a 10-year employee level and the second at a five-year employee level. This will still leave the department under budget at the end of the year…