A several years-long dream for the Washington County 911 dispatch staff and other public safety agencies is now a reality as the new Washington County Communications Center is up and running.

The dispatch staff officially moved into the new building on Wednesday, January 13th, after months of installing the new 911 radio system into the building that was completed last fall, which adjoins the sheriff’s office on Lexington Boulevard. The building’s design and construction was overseen by Neumann Monson and Carl A. Nelson, which broke ground in July of 2019…

After nearly 31 years, Marion dispatcher is preparing to hang up her headset for the final time (IA)

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – Communications operators, otherwise known as dispatchers, are the first people on the line when you call 911. After nearly 31 years at the Marion Police Department, one dispatcher is preparing to hang up her headset for the final time.

The department is celebrating the retirement of Judy Ward, a 911 communications operator who they say was always on the other end of the radio when help was needed…

911 Dispatcher helps deliver baby (MS)

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — 9-1-1 emergency dispatchers need to be ready for just about anything. That was the case for one dispatcher in North Mississippi.

Now, two DeSoto county women are now bonded over a recent call from one panicked husband.

“DeSoto County 911, what is your emergency? My wife’s in labor, her water just broke!” … READ MORE

911 operators lauded as unsung heroes of 2020 (IN)

INDIANAPOLIS—“911. Where is your emergency?” is the first question someone hears after dialing for emergency help. From there, a telecommunicator, as they are called, will do everything in their power to understand the situation so they can get help to the person. 

Although they are often forgotten until needed, without the telecommunicator, there is no one to answer the calls and send help when it is needed. 2020 tested the limits of the system and showed just how crucial they are to us… READ MORE

Officials: New facility will improve emergency services coordination in McCormick County (SC)

It will be the heartbeat of emergency services for McCormick County.

The new 10,000-square-foot Emergency Management Services headquarters under construction along South Mine Street is a longtime dream coming to fruition, officials said.

“It’s very important to have a new facility to operate out of so we can meet the needs and requirements of the citizens of our county in a timely and efficient manner,” said Chris Doolittle, director of Emergency Management Services… READ MORE