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Call-blocking and labeling technology is now readily available at low or no cost to help customers avoid robocalls. Learn more about ongoing FCC efforts on call blocking and labeling and get links to consumer resources: #ProtectingConsumers #StopRobocalls

Building on the Promise of Call Blocking

For some time now, stopping unwanted and illegal calls has been the FCC’s top consumer protection pr

Learn how FirstNet Push To Talk keeps #FirstResponders in the Hazmat community connected! Join us at the virtual HAZMAT Conference on 7/14 & 7/15. Live booth hours 7/14 @ 12:30 and 7/15 @ 12:00. Join our on-Demand Session on Tuesday at 2pm! Learn more:

INSIGHTS: Ogala Sioux using FirstNet to Integrate Technology, NEWS: Spotlight on First Responder Network, SEYBOLD:P25 & MCPTT -

#ICYMI Don’t miss the July 15 application deadline to participate in the $16 billion Rural Digital Opportunity Fund auction to bring broadband to nearly 5.4 million rural homes & businesses. The auction will begin October 29. #FCCAuctions

Auction 904 Short-Form Application Filing Window Open

Sure, let's discuss how to open schools safely.

But let's not dispute that every student needs internet access at home if online classes continue.

The FCC needs to update the E-rate program right now to fix the #homeworkgap and help get every child connected for school.

#FirstResponders in #Delaware — check out to meet your #publicsafety advisor, get the latest news and updates, and learn how #WeServeYou! #NationalDelawareDay

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