This is not a Broward County Issue. This is a National Issue (FL)

The city commissions of Coral Springs, Parkland, and Coconut Creek met with county and public safety representatives to discuss a possible hub system, which would make the 911 call system more efficient by streamlining information sharing and reducing response times. 

The multi-agency workshop on Wednesday featured a presentation from Emerging Digital Communications President Chris Wiseman and Greg Criter, chief technology officer.


Tennessee Becomes First in the Nation to Integrate FirstNet with AT&T ESInet for All 9-1-1 Call Centers Statewide

Tennessee has embarked upon a plan to fully back up every one of its 9-1-1 call centers with AT&T ESInet™ and FirstNet® – America’s public safety network – to increase their reliability and resiliency. This is a major step forward for public safety as Tennessee leads the way to become the first state in the nation to implement full wireless backup through FirstNet, Built with AT&T to all 9-1-1 call centers statewide. Wireless backup means that even during the toughest strains and worst-case scenarios, network connectivity will be available so that every Tennessean can know that 9-1-1 telecommunicators will answer their call.