Brave Partners with RapidSOS to Address Overdose Crisis and Accelerate 9-1-1 Response Times in the United States

Brave Technology Coop (“Brave”), the cooperative behind a suite of tools and services that detect accidental overdoses and alert front-line responders, and RapidSOS today announced a partnership to reduce the risk of accidental drug overdose fatalities for individuals across the United States. Built in partnership with public safety, RapidSOS’s emergency response data platform securely links life-saving data from over 350 million connected devices and platforms directly to 9-1-1 nationwide…

First Responder Wellness and the Networks That Protect Us |

First Responder Wellness and the Networks That Protect Us |

by Nursekeith | Jan 8, 2021

On episode 303 of The Nurse Keith Show, Keith interviews Dr. Anna Fitch Courie, the Director of Responder Wellness for AT&T FirstNet. Wireless infrastructure for emergency response and the wellness of our first responders is a top priority, and Dr. Courie explains it all.

By building out the wireless infrastructure used by our heroic first responders, AT&T FirstNet keeps our country safe and our first responder community connected and responsive. Meanwhile, those first responders deserve to have their struggles and challenges recognized and addressed, and that’s where Dr. Courie plays such a crucial role.


Lessons Learned: How to Use COVID-19 to Prepare for Future Emergency Response

As COVID-19 once again begins to surge across the United States, those in emergency management, public health and public safety need to take a critical look at what’s been working during the pandemic, and what has to change to ensure the safety of citizens.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve learned that there are some things that are non-negotiable when it comes to emergency communications – and those best practices must carry over into all emergency communications, not just those related to the pandemic…

Public Safety Advocate: T-Band Repeal after Nine Years!

Public Safety Advocate: T-Band Repeal after Nine Years!

Repeal of T-Band Giveback

As many of you know, there was jubilation within the public-safety community when the bill that included formation of FirstNet was signed in 2012. That is until we came to the condition that, in ten years, eleven major metropolitan areas and their surrounding suburbs were to lose public-safety spectrum along with some businesses using spectrum previously allocated to TV stations. This 470–512-MHz spectrum had been broken into 6-MHz swaths to accommodate TV stations. Some of these blocks were assigned to public-safety agencies in major metro areas and some to business users. This T-Band spectrum is shared spectrum that would otherwise serve TV channels 14-20…

Every connectivity lesson shapes a life in public safety

Technology is a vital aspect of public safety worldwide, and this trend is only likely to grow substantially in the foreseeable future. For new devices to work effectively, full-scale coverage must be in place, and when it comes to people’s safety, there is no room for downtime. Therefore, reliable connectivity is crucial for a rapid, real-time response anytime, anywhere. With experience in uncompromising environments where every second counts, below are Rajant’s words of advice for the public safety sector when dealing with connectivity and bandwidth needs…

In challenging year, working with public safety to move FirstNet forward

It has been a challenging year for the nation, especially for the first responders who are on the front lines of wildfires, hurricanes, and the COVID-19 pandemic. During this historic year, the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority) remained committed as ever to helping first responders save lives and protect communities.

As part of our mission, we continued to oversee the deployment of FirstNet, the nation’s public-safety broadband network, while working to advance innovation and enhancements to the network based on public safety’s input…