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Debt of gratitude owed all medical first responders (MI)

Within minutes after area residents or visitors to our community call Lapeer County 911 Central Dispatch to report a medical emergency, help is on the way. To the individuals, family members or passersby who placed the 911 call it matters little what colors or whose agency name is on the side of the ambulance, fire truck, or first responder units that show up on scene sirens blaring and lights flashing.
What matters most is that help gets there fast when minutes can be the difference between life and death without medical intervention. Maybe it’s a stroke, a heart attack, an opioid overdose, a suicide attempt, a vehicular or farm-implement accident or an industrial mishap at a local manufacturing facility. Whatever the nature of the call, the appropriate and necessary agency response will be quickly assessed by professionals at Central Dispatch as well as by personnel in the field — often including medical first responders from local fire departments in rural communities who often arrive before the ambulance does.
In Lapeer County, we’re fortunate to have an outstanding emergency medical services (EMS) community of professionals, supported by top-notch 911 dispatchers and the staff and services available at McLaren Lapeer Region — a certified Levell II trauma center capable of handling all sorts of major medical emergencies. Collectively as a community, we owe these individuals and agencies a debt of gratitude for choosing to dedicate their lives to help people in medical distress — awe inspiring any day of the week, but even more extraordinary during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In today’s paper (page 4A), we’re proud to report that the Lapeer County Medical Control Authority (MCA) and McLaren Lapeer Region (MLR) recognized and acknowledged all EMS personnel with their distinguished 2021 E. Thomas Stafford EMS Provider of the Year Award. Normally, the honor is bestowed to one deserving EMS provider for their contribution to the EMS system in Lapeer County. For more than 30 years, the Lapeer County MCA and MLR have recognized EMS personnel for the role they play to provide medical care, but this year they determined that due to the impact and challenges COVID-19 has had on their ranks they would recognize all EMS personnel within the MCA service area.
It was a great call, and we congratulate and thank the hundreds of men and women who serve within the far-reaching medical first responder community. The kudos are extended to law enforcement, public health, emergency management and other services that maintain and enhance health and safety to the people who live, work and play in Lapeer County.
We commend township leadership at the board and fire department level in their communities who saw the merits to organize and ask the public to finance medical first responders. The decision, with ongoing citizen and taxpayer support, has undoubtedly saved lives and enhanced the odds of survival for thousands of Lapeer County residents from life-threatening medical emergencies and serious vehicle crashes.
The frontline and first line of care on scene for many residents comes with the arrival of medical first responders associated with fire services in Almont, Burlington Twp., Deerfield Twp., Dryden Twp., Hadley Twp., Marathon Twp., Metamora Twp. and North Branch. Lapeer County is served by EMS personnel who work for Lapeer County EMS, Medstar Ambulance, Marlette EMS, as well as Mayville and Patriot ambulance services.
The work is stressful and time consuming, taking EMS personnel away from their families to undergo continued training and license certification to ensure they’re current on the latest care methods and familiar with new drugs and equipment (technology) that may be called into use should they respond to your home or place of business in the event of an emergency.
To one and all in the Lapeer County EMS and first responder community, thank you. You make a positive difference every day you go to work.

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BCLA privileged to honors emergency responders | Opinion (KS)

To the Editor,Did you know Brown County has 279 emergency responder positions filled? Did you know that in addition to community fire departments, police departments, dispatch, the sheriff’s department and our county wide ambulance service, we also have a mounted search and rescue team (which uses horses & riders to search off the beaten path during an emergency) and Squad 48 (which extract people from vehicle accidents & other emergencies requiring special equipment)?The men and women doing these jobs are not doing it for fame and fortune. They are doing it because they feel called to serve and protect their community…to make it a better and safer place for themselves, their families and ALL of us.BCLA was privileged to honor Brown County’s 279 emergency responders on Patriot Day – Saturday, September 11, 2021. On a day filled with much emotion – the 20th anniversary of 9/11 – we remembered those that gave the ultimate sacrifice at the World Trade Center in New York City. Then we said thank you to our Brown County First Responders because we never know when that opportunity could be taken from us.THANK YOU to the almost 200 people who participated in the procession and ceremony and another approximately 70 people who took advantage of the World Trade Center Virtual Tour at Arrow Twin Theatre. If you were unable to attend Saturday’s events, we encourage you to take a moment, pick a specific emergency responder &/or a department and send a handwritten thank you to them. Brown County departments honored on Saturday included:Everest Fire DepartmentFairview Fire DepartmentHiawatha Fire DepartmentRescue Squad 48 & Town & Country EMSHorton Fire DepartmentIoway Tribal Fire DepartmentKickapoo Tribal Fire DepartmentMorrill Fire DepartmentPowhattan Fire DepartmentRobinson Fire DepartmentBrown County Sheriff, Dispatchers & Mounted Search & RescueHiawatha PoliceHorton Police & DispatchersIoway Tribal Law EnforcementKickapoo Tribal Law EnforcementReginal Highway TroopersSac & Fox Tribal Law EnforcementIf you were unable to see the Virtual Tour we invite you to visit this link so you can watch from home. The link will be active through Sunday, September 19. PASSWORD: NC9DNVWe also want to give a BIG THANK YOU to the other groups and individuals who helped make these Patriot Day events possible:Lingling (Rachel) Zhang, Arrow Twin TheatreLynn Allen, Brown County Historical SocietyWilliam Geisendorf, Hiawatha Family DentistryBrad Unruh & Monte Unruh, Jackrabbit CoffeeLauren Lock, McDonald’sMatt Bartlett, SonicJoan Stoller, American Heritage Girls Troop #KS2315Laura Hooper, Scout Troop #313Matthew Leahy, Hiawatha High ArtKarie Covert, Hiawatha Middle ArtMike Dunaway, Zion Lutheran ChurchRichard Lehmkuhl, Eternal HopeSteve Stoller, Sabetha Thrivent FinancialSpencer Madison, vocalistSarah Kleopfer, vocalistJudy Bruning, pianistJoey May, Hiawatha WorldHorton HeadlightHiawatha Kiwanis ClubBrown County CommissionersHiawatha City CommissionersBrown County Home GuardBlake Ezra Burton Memorial FundSubmitted by: Brown County Liberty Alliance – Patriot Day CommitteeJerry & Jeanette AllerStuart & Amanda AllerLucas & Kendra HeinenBrian & Annette Hoskins

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