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Berea takes step toward 911/EMA Transition (KY)

The Berea City Council adopted a resolution Tuesday authorizing an interlocal agreement in which Berea and Richmond will give the county authority to operate the 911 emergency communications center and the Emergency Management Agency. The measure also authorizes the...

Celebrating the heroes who answer the call (FL)

Every year, during the second week of April, we honor the unseen heroes on the other side of the phone line. National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week is an opportunity to recognize our committed Communications Officers for their tireless dedication to public...

CFB Denmark Tests LTE for Emergency Communications

Broadband  |  2024-03-11

The Centre for Emergency Communication of the National Police, Denmark (CFB), together with the Fire services for the greater Copenhagen region has tested LTE radios for emergency communications.

In order to learn more about the possibilities of radio communication over 4G/LTE, the National Police’s Center for Emergency Communications (CFB) and the Capital’s Emergency Services under the auspices of the FREBI project have carried out a series of tests with a view to clarifying how the coverage is in larger buildings and underground facilities, where challenges are most often experienced with coverage on the emergency services’ SINE radios.
While the SINE radio network is based on Tetra technology, which is suitable for voice communication (mission critical communications), radio communication over 4G/LTE is a wireless and efficient way to transmit large amounts of data in areas where there is LTE coverage. Radios that are connected to an LTE network can communicate by sending and receiving data via radio signals, which makes it possible to create video streaming and share images – for example from an accident scene to the control centre.
Promising results with LTE
In the test in the capital, eight LTE radios were used, which the crew at Hovedstadens Firestation and Fælledvejens Firestation, respectively, were subsequently instructed to use, if the effort/exercise allowed it.
The result of the test shows that the users were very satisfied with the LTE radios and experienced good and efficient communication via the LTE network. The experience was particularly positive when the LTE radio was used indoors and in basements. Since broadband/LTE has been installed in virtually all buildings, the emergency services generally experienced a good LTE signal in places where there might otherwise be challenges with the signal on the SINE radio.
As with all studies, however, there are a number of uncertainties, and some caution should therefore be exercised in relation to broader generalizations. In order to extend the conclusion to more general assumptions, more tests covering more areas will be needed.
More activities on the way
In the coming years, CFB will launch several tests and pilot projects, which will, for example, investigate the possibilities in relation to the establishment of private networks and temporary coverage solutions for the communications of the emergency services.
In addition, as part of the new SINE contract, a new functionality will be implemented which enables the latest SINE radios to automatically switch to broadband in areas where SINE coverage is poor.

Dispatchers reflect after massive wildfire outbreak (VA)

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) - While firefighters were out maintaining and attempting to control fires, dispatchers still had to answer every call that was going through 911. Not only are they expected to handle the 911 calls that were made, but they also had to manage...

PSSA Webinar

Protecting 4.9 GHz for Public Safety

Learn about current efforts to continue to protect the 4.9 GHz Band for public safety as well as recent filings, key decisions impacting these efforts, and how you can support PSSA’s initiative to protect the 4.9 GHz band for public safety.


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