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911 dispatcher retires after 15 years (TN)

Linda Pillow’s voice is low, calming, and steady. Many might call it “a voice in the dark.” And it’s a voice that very few people hope to hear.   “Nine-one-one. What is the location of your emergency?” asks Pillows.   After 15 years of such service to the community,...

Dispatcher shortage impacting Pueblo Police (CO)

PUEBLO — For police officers, dispatchers are the first line of contact to the public in an emergency. However, the dispatch center at the Pueblo Police Department is feeling the impacts of the nationwide staff shortage. "It's a difficult job. Some people just can't...

State office to focus on first responder wellness (OH)

COLUMBUS – Governor Mike DeWine Monday announced the creation of a new state office that will focus on the well-being of first responders. The Office of First Responder Wellness, within the Department of Public Safety’s Office of Criminal Justice Services, will work...

Lea eyeing consolidation of 911 center – Hobbs News Sun

LOVINGTON — A fully consolidated emergency 911 center for Lea County appears on the horizon, looking at Jan. 10, 2022 for implementation. All that’s left is for just about everybody else to approve it. The board of county commissioners on Thursday gave unanimous nods...

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