On Friday at 05:15 officers from District B-2 responded to Ceylon Street for reports of a person stabbed in the eye. Boston Police and Boston EMS arrived to find a party dispersing and nobody stabbed in the eye. Officers spoke with the young man that owned the phone, who said someone “borrowed his phone and prank called 911”.

A blatant waste of vital services, a violation of MA General Law – Part IV, Title I, Chapter 269, Section 14B: (a) Whoever willfully and maliciously communicates with a PSAP, or causes a communication to be made to a PSAP, which communication transmits information which the person knows or has reason to know is false and which results in the dispatch of emergency services to a nonexistent emergency or to the wrong location of an actual emergency… READ MORE

Douglas County Sheriff planning to add a new 911 operating system in October (MO)

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Mo. (KY3) – Douglas County Sheriff will add a new 911 operating system in late October.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is also adding new 911 dispatchers to the team with openings rght now.

Douglas County Sheriff, Chris Degase, said this operating system is much-needed.

“I think Douglas County is one of the few counties still left that doesn’t have 911,” said Degase. “Towards the end of October, we would be implementing the first phase of it, which would be we’d be able to locate cell phone calls.” … READ MORE

Accidental 9-1-1 calls becoming an issue in Oklahoma

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) – > Thanks to the invention of cell phones a 9-1-1 call can be placed practically anywhere. But as that technology has advanced and made contact emergency services easier, it has created an unexpected technical issue.

According to Oklahoma State 9-1-1 coordinator Lance Terry, cell phones have been a huge help for dispatchers.

But as new advantages have arrived, issues have come with them.

“Now we get 50 9-1-1 calls from one accident scene which is great because we can pinpoint it and get closer to it,” Terry said. “The problem is that over the last 10 years we’ve had a real problem with accidental 911 calls.” … READ MORE

Portsmouth announces enhanced emergency medical dispatching (VA)

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — On Saturday, Portsmouth announced that the Emergency Communications Center is set to launch the Emergency Medical Dispatching (EMD) program on September 30.

EMD is a nationally recognized protocol for emergency dispatchers that is meant to identify life-threatening situations and safely prioritize calls. The program follows nationwide standards and research-based protocols.

Officials say 911 callers can expect dispatchers to ask several questions about the patient meant to dispatch the appropriate level of care, as well as provide the caller with emergency medical instructions… READ MORE

New Burnet County Sheriff’s Office communications center gets a 10-4 (TX)

The new communications center for the Burnet County Sheriff’s Office went online Wednesday, Sept. 22, after four years in the works. According to those in charge, as well as those in front of the microphones, the upgrade is a huge success. 

“Burnet County now has a state-of-the-art communications system,” Capt. Chris Jett said. “We are now as good as the agencies to the east of us. This prepares us for the growth that’s coming.” 

The dispatchers themselves agree. When asked what they like best about the new equipment and space, dispatchers Katie Fox and Alyssa Rios, who were on duty when DailyTrib.com dropped by, said in unison: “Everything!” 

“We have extra screens and more space to do what we need to do to help our officers,” said Fox, who has been a dispatcher for three years… READ MORE