Next-generation 911 service for Grey-Bruce in the works (Canada)

Life moves on amid the COVID-19 lockdown in Owen Sound, even while most people are focussed on the latest developments in this public health crisis.

Owen Sound Police Service successfully completed its first end-to-end test call through the next-generation 911 emergency system, NG911, on April 3.

The new system will let people text 911 operators and send them photos and video of emergencies, as well as phone them, as they are able to do now. Down the road, people will… READ MORE

The essential workers you don’t see: Telecommunicators stand ready (KY)

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) – As some terms take off during the Coronavirus, the actions being taken around one is sticking out among the rest, essential.

Essential is a term used to describe workers and employees that are still asked to work day in and day out as others are furloughed, let go or sent home to work.

At State Police Post’s across the Commonwealth, there is a room that is full of men and women who are asked to answer the… READ MORE

James City County’s budget proposal 6% larger than previous year, calls for no change in property tax rate (VA)

Tax rates will remain right where they are, but James City County’s budget will still grow by 6% if county administrator Scott Stevens’ budget is approved by the Board of Supervisors as is.

[…] Public safety is the second largest slice of the general fund, with a proposed relatively flat budget at $28.9 million from $29 million the year prior.

That slight decrease stems from relatively reduced vehicle replacement costs at the police department next fiscal year… READ MORE

911 call centers have enough capacity so far, but upgrades are delayed (NY)

The nation’s emergency phone systems are proving resilient during the coronavirus pandemic, even in regions where call volume is surging, according to survey results of 911 call-center operators released Monday. But experts also warned that delays to maintenance and upgrades could potentially introduce security vulnerabilities.

The survey, which was conducted by the National Emergency Number Association between March 26 and April 1, found that most regions are… READ MORE

Lunch Provided to 9-1-1 Center Staff (AL)

Huguley – Local civic clubs, businesses, ad restaurants are continuing to treat hospital workers, first responders, and 9-1-1 dispatchers with free lunches. On Tuesday, the Valley Lions Club bought lunch for the employees of the Chambers County communications center. The Greater Valley Area Chamber of Commerce and Pokey’s downtown West Point teamed up to provide lunch for the day shift workers at EMAC-Lanier Hospital… READ MORE