For 911 dispatchers behind the lines, trauma is just as real (VA)

‘We are never seen, but we are always there.”

This is the basic description of a person who works as a dispatcher, answering the frantic calls of people in need, says Tommy Tucker, director of Chesterfield County’s Emergency Communications Services.

The job of a dispatcher is separated from the physical scene of a crime or accident, but it is viscerally connected to the voice of a person in the midst of trauma. And that trauma travels through the chain of communication, from the victim or witness to the ears and central nervous system of a county employee tasked with sending the message to first responders… READ MORE

Port Arthur woman allegedly made 17 calls to 9-1-1, offered thousands to avoid arrest (TX)

A Port Arthur woman has been charged with bribery after allegedly making 17 calls to 9-1-1 before offering officers thousands of dollars not to take her to jail.

Gloria Mae Cole, 42, was indicted Wednesday by a Jefferson County grand jury on the second-degree felony charge.

According to court documents, Cole made two silent calls April 17 to 9-1-1. Upon police arrival, Cole told officers with the Port Arthur Police Department that her phone was broken and wouldn’t stop dialing 9-1-1… READ MORE

St. Bernard Parish 911 services restored after 14-hour failure (LA)

The 911 system in St. Bernard Parish was back up and running Tuesday afternoon, after its emergency and non-emergency lines were down for about 14 hours

A service provider informed the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office at about 4 p.m. that repairs to the system were successful, the Sheriff’s Office said. 

The 911 communications center first reported issues with the emergency phone lines on Monday at about 10 p.m. While the 911 center was able to receive some emergency calls, its service provider couldn’t tell if all 911 calls were going through. Calls to the non-emergency line weren’t going through at all, the Sheriff’s Office said… READ MORE

On hold with 911, manager says new raises might not be enough to help (TX)

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Some Austinites are already getting put on hold when dialing 911, data shows, and a manager inside the emergency communications center said the problem could quickly get worse.

“Our calls are holding a lot longer on 911 and a lot of that has to do with the pay,” said Assistant Manager Mayra Toro.

The city announced new wages for emergency telecommunicators this month after a third party completed a salary analysis. It resulted it 90% of employees getting raises. A breakdown of raises, as the city’s Human Resources department told us, is below… READ MORE

Chemung County 911 Center receives accreditation for demonstrative service (NY)

Chemung County’s 911 Center was recognized today by the New York State Sheriff’s Association for meeting the requirements of the State’s Sheriffs’ Accreditation Program for Public Safety Answering Points.

It’s the first time the County has received the honor, and as they hope to do so again in the future, Peter Kehoe, Executive Director for the New York State Sheriffs’ Association, said it isn’t the easiest of jobs.

“The kind of stress that the communicators operate under in these centers where calls are coming in from four services, from six police agencies, 20 fire departments; and these few people working in this center have to juggle all those calls,” said Kehoe… READ MORE