Disasters, terrorist attacks, and network outages have demonstrated the limitations of the 9-1-1 system. Emergency communications centers that remain focused on 9-1-1 as the singular emergency reporting channel fall short of providing a comprehensive emergency response solution in their communities. A change is required to adapt to the modern means of communications, such as text and picture messaging, livestream video, crowdsourcing, apps, sensors, and social media. This thesis reports on the actions taken to transition an emergency communications center into a multi-channel environment capable of building resiliency, and provides supplemental reporting channels, creates situational awareness, and builds more efficient workflows. Using business model generation and lean strategy methodology, this thesis provides a model for implementation strategies and proposes a bottom-up approach to meet individual community needs. This thesis recommends a pathway to shift the culture and strategy in carrying out the mission of emergency communications and responding to requests for emergency services.

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