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The emergency response data-management vendor RapidSOS on Tuesday announced the creation of a new “partner network” that integrates 20 other vendors’ products into a common dashboard. The purpose, the company said, is make it easier for workers at the nearly 5,000 emergency communications centers that use RapidSOS’ software to sift through the ever-increasing layers of data collected when responding to a call.

“There are so many screens these communicators need to look at,” Jessica Reed, the company’s vice president of strategy and global partners, said in a phone interview. “Our goal is to bring it to one screen.”

RapidSOS is one of a handful of companies that markets software that aims to deliver real-time information to public safety answering points that’s more robust — and, ideally, precise — than the existing 911 system, which is built on physical telephone lines, and being phased out slowly for a next-generation system better suited for contemporary wireless communications…