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Gordon 5th grader makes heroic 9-1-1 call during fire (AL)

GORDON, Ala. (WTVY) - A Gordon family is mourning the loss of its long-time family home after a fire left it shambles late last night. Fortunately, they aren't mourning the loss of any loved ones, thanks in part to an Ashford Elementary schooler. "I saw a fire from...

Emergency communications move ‘going well’ (NE)

YORK – Leila Luft, the director of the York County Emergency Communications Center, says the initial move to the new courthouse addition went well and things are running smoothly. Luft updated the York County Commissioners about the progress of this ongoing project,...

What is it like to be a 9-1-1 operator? (ND)

Brittani was a familiar voice in the KFGO Newsroom, but after 3 years, she put down one radio wave for the next. After a long 6-8 week interview process and 6 months of training, she is a Communications Operator at Red River Regional Dispatch.  In this podcast:...

Weight of the Call: The Dispatchers (UT)

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – If one is lucky enough, maybe they will never have to dial those three numbers etched in our brains, 9-1-1. When we think of first responders, we often think of police and fire. One group we often overlook are emergency dispatchers. They...

Plymouth Council OKs pact for new dispatchers (CT)

PLYMOUTH – Town Council members approved a contract Monday with Litchfield County Dispatch effective April 2020 that will result in the layoffs of the town’s 12 dispatchers next year. The town will enter into a three-month agreement from April 1 through June 30 with...

NEWS9 Special Assignment: The Most Important Call (OH)

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio — A call to 911 could be the most important call of your life, but what do dispatchers need to know when you call? And what can you do until help arrives? Dispatchers have to be prepared for anything when the calls come in. “You have no idea...

Kennesaw/Acworth 911 Awarded CALEA Accreditation (GA)

During the assessment, the Kennesaw/Acworth 911 Center had to show proof of compliance with the 207 standards that constitute the program. KENNESAW, GA — The Kennesaw/Acworth 911 Center, located at City of Kennesaw City Hall, was recently awarded their accreditation...

St. Francois County 911 Board discusses finances (MO)

The board of St. Francois County 911 reviewed the joint communications center’s financial position and discussed projects on the horizon during their meeting Wednesday morning. Treasurer and District 1 Board Member Ginger Taylor, of Taylor Tax & Consulting, heads...

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Why Train?

Heidi DiGennaro
When you started, everything was overwhelming. There was fear or excitement in touching the equipment, the constant dread you might break something, and the encouragement to go ahead from your trainer. Training seemed to take so long, and there was something both terrifying and liberating about operating on your own.

Vision to Reality

Andre V. Jones
“KSU SR42, 18J, Lot D, looking for a white Honda Civic, 1805 hours KNHD245” was the start of my career in public safety telecommunications (at Kennesaw State University [KSU], Department of Public Safety & University Police, Kennesaw, Georgia, USA). It was not, however, the career I initially chose. I started off wanting to be a doctor. More specifically, an OB/GYN. My logic was that people would always have babies (job security).

Route 91 Harvest Music Festival

I am going to tell my story about that day, the Oct. 1 Shooting, even though in my eyes, that’s not the official name. I can’t bring myself to call it that. I am going to be raw, honest, and open because I think that is what people should hear. It may not be what you want to hear, but it’s what I need for you to know.

Attitude Reflects Leadership

My manager told me once that by listening to radio traffic he knew who the supervisor on duty was in the dispatch center. He said there was something about their aura that had the ability to control the temperament in the room. When I actually considered it, he was correct; the attitude of employees is a direct reflection of their leadership.

Filling The Gaps

There are times when the protocol does not fill the gaps on a call. Every call is different; that is the nature of our business and no protocol can cover every situation. One of the best pieces of advice I received when I started was, “If you think you know everything, quit. You don’t.” So what do you do when the protocol isn’t enough?

Speed Bumps

Speed bumps. I don’t know about you, but when I hear that word, I automatically get annoyed. Speed bumps are those annoying little things that always appear to slow me down. I know that speed bumps are placed where they are for good reasons—to slow the speed of cars in a residential area, for example—but it doesn’t mean I have to like them.

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