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Adams County 9-1-1 Board looks at future funding needs (IL)

When You have an emergency, medical or otherwise, you call 9-1-1 for help. Funding to make that happen may be something you take for granted and local officials are looking at funding to keep a local 9-1-1 center here in Adams County viable. Wednesday night, the Joint...

Local dispatchers win state award (FL)

TAMPA — Two members of the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office received statewide recognition this week. At the Florida Sheriffs Association Winter Conference, Public Safety Telecommunicators Brittany Wheeler and Taylor McCathern of the SCSO were named the 2020...

Firefighters build wheelchair ramp for dispatcher (OK)

TULSA, Okla. — A group of Tulsa firefighters are going beyond the call of duty. A crew decided to build one of their fire dispatchers a wheelchair ramp after she had part of her leg amputated following a car crash last year. Firefighters say she had steps by her front...

Intelligent Public Safety in Action

I’m here at the Guardian Center. This full-scale training facility, located in Perry, GA, is where Public Safety goes to test new technologies and their operational impact on real-world scenarios. I watch from my secure vantage point in the Joint Operations Center...

Fiscal Court terminates 911 dispatcher (KY)

The Marshall County Fiscal Court last week announced it had denied the appeal of the former Marshall County E911 dispatcher who was terminated in December after being arrested and charged with a felony. Tonya Clevidence, 46, was arrested Dec. 9 by the Marshall County...

Dispatchers ready to move in Austintown (OH)

AUSTINTOWN — With a $503,000 expansion to the Austintown Township Police Department nearing completion, dispatchers in the building are eager to move to new space that not only will provide more elbow room, but also help improve efficiency in responding to emergencies...

MPD names new Public Safety Answering Point Manager (ND)

Margaret Haugan is Minot Police Department’s new Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) Manager, according to a Facebook post from the MPD. Haugan has worked for Minot Central Dispatch for 12 years. She will take over as PSAP manager after Barb McPeak retires...

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Gear Up

Kevin Pagenkop, ENP
For those with a medical background, one of the first acronyms learned is “PPE.” Whether gloves, a gown, or eye protection, Personal Protective Equipment is vital for responders and clinicians to reduce their exposure to pathogens and potential hazards.

Why Train?

Heidi DiGennaro
When you started, everything was overwhelming. There was fear or excitement in touching the equipment, the constant dread you might break something, and the encouragement to go ahead from your trainer. Training seemed to take so long, and there was something both terrifying and liberating about operating on your own.

Vision to Reality

Andre V. Jones
“KSU SR42, 18J, Lot D, looking for a white Honda Civic, 1805 hours KNHD245” was the start of my career in public safety telecommunications (at Kennesaw State University [KSU], Department of Public Safety & University Police, Kennesaw, Georgia, USA). It was not, however, the career I initially chose. I started off wanting to be a doctor. More specifically, an OB/GYN. My logic was that people would always have babies (job security).

Route 91 Harvest Music Festival

I am going to tell my story about that day, the Oct. 1 Shooting, even though in my eyes, that’s not the official name. I can’t bring myself to call it that. I am going to be raw, honest, and open because I think that is what people should hear. It may not be what you want to hear, but it’s what I need for you to know.

Attitude Reflects Leadership

My manager told me once that by listening to radio traffic he knew who the supervisor on duty was in the dispatch center. He said there was something about their aura that had the ability to control the temperament in the room. When I actually considered it, he was correct; the attitude of employees is a direct reflection of their leadership.

Your Stories

Shake your head at these silly 9-1-1 calls (Canada)

It’s time to shake our...

Shake your head at these silly 9-1-1 calls (Canada)

It’s time to shake our...

NEWS9 Special Assignment: The Most Important Call (OH)


As I See It: A 911 dispatcher says thanks (OR)

As a public employee, I...

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