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Tim Robrahn, a dispatcher, takes calls from people who dial 911 in Kitsap County at Kitsap 911 on Oct. 6. Voters will decide in the Nov. 2 election if a 0.1% sales tax should be implemented to fund the purchase of new facilities and equipment for the dispatch center.

“Right shoulder,” a deputy could be heard saying to a 911 dispatcher. “…gunshot…”

Static noise covered some of the words of the deputy describing the condition of a man injured in a shooting at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds on Sep. 19 to the dispatcher.

Kitsap County’s 911 dispatch center offers up that static noise as evidence of its aging emergency radio system, which leaders say needs to be replaced by 2028 to remain in use, and they say additional sales tax is what they can do to fund the project.

Kitsap 911, or CenCom, employs dispatchers to collect key information in calls with law enforcement, fire departments and individuals who dial 911. As the population grows, it is becoming harder for dispatchers to communicate smoothly with first responders and residents in some areas of the county…