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911 staffers work to ensure callers get the right help (OK)

Dispatchers and call-takers for 911 are on the front lines for people facing dire emergencies, and they are trained to not only remain calm, but to keep the caller calm as well. Cherokee County's 911 system operations center houses three agencies: Northeastern Health...

Midland faces dispatcher shortage (TX)

Midland, TEXAS (ABC BIG 2/FOX 24) – As the City of Midland grows, there’s a need to add 911 dispatchers. ” We get major accidents because of all the traffic, crime has picked up a little bit, so we just need staffing to be able to accommodate the city and their...

County to spend more than $550K on comms (IA)

Emergency communication in Jackson County soon may improve with the purchase of new equipment for law enforcement and dispatch. The Jackson County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to spend an estimated $550,000 to buy new dispatch consoles at a recent meeting....

E-911 Board approves hire of new dispatcher (TN)

The Cocke County Emergency Communications (E-911) Board of Directors held their quarterly meeting on Tuesday. The board approved the hiring of another 911 dispatcher and the creation of a budget amendment to account for the additional wages. The meeting’s old business...

Emergency dispatch centers facing labor shortage (NC)

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Labor shortages are impacting the nation, and emergency dispatch centers are not immune. The National Emergency Number Association reports that nationally, emergency dispatch centers are seeing 15-20% employee turnover. Guilford Metro 911 is...

“Fed up” with 911 dispatchers at the SQ (Canada)

The missive accuses the SQ of putting its head in the sand over the problems that would increasingly plague its call management centers (CGA), where provincial emergency dispatchers work. Too many distributors starting out. Too many calls, in front of certain chairs...

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Ride To Aid Police Dispatcher Who Lost Limb (MO) [VIDEO]{seek_to_second_number}

New public safety bill changes how emergency operators dispatch mental health calls (MN)

Once signed, Travis' Law will require 911 operators to refer calls involving mental health crises to mental health crisis teams.

VIDEO: Combating 911 Dispatcher Burnout (CA)

911 dispatchers have some of the most stressful jobs in the world. They are constantly helping people through the toughest moments of their lives. All that stress can lead to high levels of burnout and turnover. That is bad news not just for the dispatchers, but for...

Good News: 911 Dispatcher Marra Wargo Saved a Choking Dog

911 dispatcher Marra Wargo talks about getting a call about a choking dog and how she was able to talk the owner through performing the Heimlich maneuver on the dog. [VIDEO]

How to 911 with Erica Snyder and Sami Pohl

Sami Pohl and Erica Snyder, dispatchers with the City of Loveland Emergency Communications Center in Loveland, Colorado, discuss their podcast How to: 911, which they use to answer common questions and misconceptions held by the public about emergency services. For...

Emergency Communications | Johnson County Kansas [Video]

Johnson County Emergency Communications manages countywide emergency communications systems and dispatch services. Operations is responsible for the processing of emergency and non-emergency calls for assistance received on E911 (Enhanced 911) and 10-digit phone...

‘It’s just call after call’: California 911 dispatcher – New

With a COVID-19 surge that is killing one person every 15 minutes in California’s Los Angeles County, the 911 emergency medical system has been stretched to the brink. [CLICK READ MORE TO VIEW VIDEO]...

Atlanta’s 911 call center short staffed (GA)

TLANTA - There is a critical staffing problem in the Emergency 911 Communications Center. Director Amanda Pritchett told the Atlanta City Council the office is short by at least 30 people. The number can fluctuate... READ MORE

Customizable, Reliable, Affordable, Secure 9-1-1 solution

A conversation with Darold Whitmer from nga911 about their cloud based solution

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