Helping Those That Help Others

Helping Those That Help Others

Louisiana APCO Chapter Needs Your Help

By atECC Staff

The national news has lost sight of the fact that Lakes Charles Louisiana has been devastated by Hurricane Laura. There are Telecommunicators there that need our help.

The city of Lake Charles on the western side of Louisiana is located in Calcasieu Parish (a Parish is the equivalent of a county) and has a Parish population of over 200,000. This Parish and other surrounding Parishes were literally in the eye of the Hurricane with winds of over 130 MPH. These dedicated first responders have lost homes and property as they also work through the storm and continue to work through the restoration for others. We have posted several pictures showing some of the damage their community has sustained.

Let us show them they have not been forgotten. I know from past experiences that insurance will not pay for many of the expenses they will incur that are above and beyond the everyday expenses they still have. The Louisiana Chapter of APCO has always been fiscally responsible and more than that THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR EVERYONE IN NEED.

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Sign our petition to protect 4.9 GHz

Support a Fully Operational Public Safety Broadband Network Using 4.9 GHz

Public safety requires a dedicated radio and broadband spectrum to perform our duties in protecting the public. We depend on this spectrum for our radio systems and for our broadband data network needs. This was acknowledged in the 9/11 Commission report and Congress also demonstrated a deep understanding of the importance of a dedicated public safety network when they created The FirstNet Authority in 2012.

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ALERT: Interim Guidance for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems and 911 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) for COVID-19 in the United States

This guidance applies to all first responders, including law enforcement, fire services, emergency medical services, and emergency management officials, who anticipate close contact with persons with confirmed or possible COVID-19 in the course of their work.

Summary of Key Changes for the EMS Guidance:

  • Updated PPE recommendations for the care of patients with known or suspected COVID-19:
    • Facemasks are an acceptable alternative until the supply chain is restored. Respirators should be prioritized for procedures that are likely to generate respiratory aerosols, which would pose the highest exposure risk to HCP… READ MORE

Dispatchers looking to receive first responders status (CA)

On January 22, a new bill was announced at a press conference by a group of public safety dispatchers from across California. Assembly Bill 1945 (AB 1945), which has been championed by Assemblymember Rudy Salas, will reclassify and recognize the efforts of public safety dispatchers as first responders. The work that public safety dispatchers provide to varying agencies is important to the ability for those agencies to invoke their respected skills. Currently, the United States government defines dispatchers as fulfilling an “administrative” vocation.